with what’s been going on around here…

The 17 week update goes like this:
Beth experienced being sick and knocked-up at the same time and it was not fun. While we got visits from the Bullingtons (minus Paul) and the Giusti’s (minus Mike)(we also got to see Tommy again (minus Rita) and Matt), with an influx of awesome children germs and a ton of Tennessee pollen both of us went down this week with the sinus sickness. I learned the advantages of Claritin and Motrin, Beth was left to suffer without the benefit of drugs. So, she did the next best thing, she slept for 2 days straight. We newly learned about a great sinus issue treatment; Kelly told us about Neti Pots, which I would have sworn she was saying nutty pots and I thought that was just weird, but it is essentially a tea pot you fill with special salt water and pour into your nostril and if flows through you sinus cavity and out your other nostril. It’s nuts and amazing all in one, and it works!
We had our April check-up scheduled during the days that she was ill, so we had to miss that appointment. I guess that would be the downfall of keeping your doctor 2 hours away in NC. I am starting to doubt that decision but we really like it there at Haywood Women’s and we have already had 1 doctor peer into our private lives with all of those probing questions, if you know what I mean…
Random notes: we have recieved our crib, otherwise known as Abigail’s (and Wilson’s and Anne Lois’) baby crib that she claims she is too big for now…Beth is helping with Environmental Ed at JKC and a little cleaning around camp, she is glad to make some money but is going stir-crazy in the house and would be willing to work even for the government at this point…we got to see Beth’s friend Ian in the AA baseball game at Chattanooga versus Montgomery Biscuits, go Biscuits!…the food craving for the week is doughnuts…



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  1. Neti Pots are amazing!!!!! Be careful though, sometimes you think all the saline solution has escaped your sinus but then when you are at work chatting with the receptionist the remaining 6mL decides to drain from your nostril and she (the receptionist) is of course disgusted and your attempt to explain that it is not snot but just the saline solution that you snort in the morning is only met with a look of even greater disgust.

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