Weeks 21 & 22

We’ve had an eventful couple of weeks…my dad came up to visit and bring bedroom furniture, I went to NC for Heather’s lasik surgery, we hung out in NC with the Fords and Chancey’s, the Fords came to TN for the holiday weekend, Grits had crazy drama that scared us to death, summer staff arrived, I met with our new doctor, and now we are getting ready to jet off to Jacksonville for a QUICK turnaround trip for Bruce’s (further referred to as Booger) ordination. Whew.

Most of our family has now seen our new home and in some way have planned to head back this way sometime before Christmas…praise the Lord for being back in the south! We’ve realized that if we were still in MO during this adventure we would probably struggle being pregnant and welcoming our baby without our parents and siblings. We are extremely thankful for the whirlwind that has been our life in the past year… Chris was reminded of that blessing the other night during vespers. Unexplained emotions can be overwhelming.

We were given our first glimpse/heart attack of what parenting will be like. Over the weekend Grits started acting funny Saturday night. Usually she goes upstairs to bed before we do, but when we got up to go she just laid on the floor in the living room. We called her and called her and she just laid there real still. I went on upstairs and Chris stayed back with her. They both came in the room and Chris looked very worried and Grits was not moving at her normal speed (90 to nothing). We thought maybe she had injured one of her back legs but couldn’t remember and incident when that would have happened. Around 5am we heard her get off her bed for her routine of jumping up on the bed with us… but she never jumped up. We could hear her wimpering and whining. We both got up to check on her and she couldn’t move her back legs at all, she couldn’t even stand without Chris holding her. He lifted her onto the bed where she slept with us the rest of the night. In the morning I called her personal physician (Mike) and he said to keep an eye on her. I stayed with her while the Fords went to church and she slowly started moving around on her own. She progressively got better throughout the day and was back to almost 100% by the next morning. Mike thinks she may have had temporary paralysis caused by a few ticks we picked off of her (even with Frontline). It scared us to death…

I met with our new Dr. yesterday and she seems really great. She’s young and energetic, relaxed, and really seems to care about our experience. I didn’t realize all that I needed to be thinking about right now (pediatrician, birth plan, etc.), but apparently there are a lot of things we have to know coming up for our 28th week. I scheduled my hour long blood sugar testing which should be interesting for someone who doesn’t so much care for needles. We are signing up for a birthing class for new parents that will start in August. It’s hard to believe it’s already time to do all that…

I am looking forward to heading to Pensacola in about 3 weeks for family time and Kristen’s wedding. Chris has already told me that I need to warn the seamstress to get her sewing maching warmed up because she will have to perform miracles to fit me in my bridesmaid’s dress. Not really… but it will need some tweaking.

We will update pictures soon, probably after this weekend. I am reminded often that I seem to “be bigger everytime I see you”. Not good coming from someone I see a few times a week. 🙂


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