As If Waiting for Baby Wasn’t Exciting Enough…

We moved! Yep, that’s right… we have made the move down the hill to the Program Director house here at camp. Don’t worry, our address is the same, so you can continue to send the baby gifts here. 🙂 There are still a few “organizational pieces” we would like to add to our laundry room and bedroom to help store those random things you don’t know what to do with, but we are mostly settled in. We decided that it would be easier to make the move sans baby than try to wait until we have a newborn… GOOD IDEA. Other than the constant downpour that fell on our heads, I essentially unpacked boxes as Chris and friends brought them down. This house is much smaller (PTL) and easier to keep clean and much more our speed. We are thankful to be here and for what our future holds here at camp.

I don’t have pictures of the WHOLE house, but the nursery is the first room we made sure to get settled, so here is a glimpse. Remember, we know there are “touches of love” that this house will need over time, but we are running on low as far as time goes these days.

In other news, we are one week from Noah’s due date and still pregnant. Very pregnant. At the last Dr’s appt. on Tuesday she measured me at a “tight 2” and his head still pretty high up, but still it could be any time now. But, because we are slowly/not-so-slowly approaching D-Day, we decided to go ahead and schedule an induction if little dude decides he is just having way too much fun to come join the world. The Dr. gave us the option of waiting another week to see if he would cooperate, but she didn’t want me going past 41 weeks. We chose to hold out another week to give me (and him) the best possible scenario for completing a natural birth. So, if he doesn’t join the party by then, he will be peer-pressured into this world on October 7th at 6:30am. And being the morning person that I am NOT, I have already figured that I might as well not sleep the night before because we will have to leave the house by 5:30am to get there on time… which means up by 4:30am to shower, wake up, love the doggy, etc. If he knows what’s good for him…

And Dan, you will win the privelage of a swift kick to the rear when I see you next if your date is correct. Mama don’t wanna wait no more…


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