And Then There Were None…

Today was our LAST prenatal Dr’s appointment, measuring in at 39.5 weeks, 35lbs total weight gain, good 2cm, head dropped since last visit, carpel tunnel in my arms, puffy feet, and still hanging on for Oct. 7th. I even asked the doc if she had plans for this afternoon, we could nip this in the bud, but unfortunately she was all booked up. She seems to think that he will be one of those babies that just needs a little extra enticing… she said she has had to “evict” many of babies through induction and all have been fine. And as of right now he is still measuring of average size, which means natural birthing is still the plan.

But, with all that, I have developed a new outlook. This baby isn’t stubborn, he is just a go-with-the-flow, laid back, hippie kid who isn’t in a rush to venture out of his nest. Though his name literally means “peaceful wanderer”, he just hasn’t found his vagabond spirit yet. I was really starting to feel discouraged and exhausted, tiring of hearing people tell me that “he will come when he is ready”…but now we know that he will be here within the week at the most, what is there to fret about? My parents are coming up to help and Heather will be back and forth offering her love and support. Chris’ mama will be here mid-October to stay for a week… we will have mucho help spread out throughout the month, so why be frustrated that I have to be pregnant an extra week? Maybe because I am normally a spontaneous kind of girl this whole induction thing was throwing me off my game, way too planned and organized, but it may end up working to our advantage to have folks help us out.

Heather and the boys came over for a quick visit and birthing pep rally last night. She said she wanted to “measure” for herself to get the feel for if he was coming soon or if he would wait. She seems to think he will hold out, or at least she’s hoping so she can get back south before he comes! I was craving some of Granny’s chicken and dumplins so she brought all the fixin’s and as it should be, we Bowen girls were barefoot and pregnant standing over a hot pot of dumplins. It only took us 3 hours, but man, were they worth it! Not quite right on the nose as Gran’s, but pretty darn close:

Chris and I also were given a very generous gift (thanks, my sister) to continue to stock up on our cloth diapering supplies. Like I’ve said before, we are super pumped about how much money and resources we will save over time by using cloth diapers, however, it is an investment to get started… so being given a gift to grow our supplies in any way is a huge blessing. Heather seemed to think that we would breeze through the first sizes of diapers and covers and doesn’t want Noah’s butt to go uncared for, so we went to Cutie Tooties and were able to supply most of the larger size necessities. With that being said, I also updated the registry there if anyone is interested. Thanks, Giustis, our kiddo’s butt will now be covered from 15-30lbs. 🙂
Please continue to pray for us and our healthy pregnancy/delivery. We are loving the cooler weather and I think God knew that I needed to feel the fall friskiness… it is my favorite, you can’t help but be in a good mood. If you haven’t heard from us before then, October 7th at 6:30am is when we “report” to Parkwest to evict the little guy from his cozy little hiding spot. If you think about it, say a little prayer before you go to bed on the 6th… no 12lb babies.

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