Little Turkey’s First Turkey Day

We ventured to Pensacola for Noah’s first Thanksgiving… crazy thought with a 7 week old, huh? From Tennessee to Florida, it took us only 9 hours (an hour and a half more than usual). Not too bad… he is an amazing little traveler. The only time he got restless was when we were about an hour out. Easily fixed though, Chris just sat in the back and talked with him. I would be fussy if I had to be strapped in a seat for that long when I don’t even know that I can control my hands and feet yet. Along with Thanksgiving, Noah had a few other firsts on this trip:
– First time to Alabama and Florida
– First time spending the night at Mama and Papa Bo’s house
– First time meeting Great-Granny Bowen and Great Great Aunt Edith
– First time meeting Uncle Paul 
– First Iron Bowl (Roll Tide)
– First FSU/UF game (Go Noles)

Hopefully we will get to meet and see a few more friends and family before we head back this weekend. For now, we will share some pictures from our trip so far:


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