Growing Beans

Someone slipped my baby some growing beans.
Since I will start working in March, we decided to start introducing him to solid foods now, figuring it would take a while for him to catch on and enjoy.
Not so much.
He figured it out quite easily and loves every last morsel. And for some reason he would rather Chris feed him his cereal than me. I think because he knows I have the other goods, the ones he can control and get as much of as he pleases. He can’t control the spoon, though he tries with all his might.


And for some strange reason he leans all the way down to his tray to get to the spoon. We try to get him to look up but that’s usually a no-go. Grits also GREATLY enjoys this new mode of feeding, as she is the lucky winner of spilled bowls and messy fingers. Noah is amused, as you can imagine.
I must also add that he is sleeping much better at night since we started feeding him cereal twice a day. He always gets out of whack when we travel and he doesn’t have his own bed. It only takes him a night or two back home before he’s figured it out again, but this time he has decided that he would like for his bedtime to be earlier. He has been in bed, and stayed in bed, before nine every night since we’ve been back. Crazy. Last night he slept from 8:15pm-4:30am. Amazing. And then slept again after he ate until 9am. Even better. 
I will continue to say, I don’t know what we’ve done or haven’t done, but we are blessed beyond blessed with such a good baby. 
Makes me want more. 
Much. Much. Much. 

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