Snuggles McGee

Baby loves his mama.
The other night he had a weird schedule going on, I think because he is trying to drop a daytime nap, but
#1 He can’t decide which one, and
#2 He just can’t keep his eyes open after supper if he skips, bless his little bones.
 He fell asleep right after cereal+bananas and  during milk. I put him down, figuring he would cat-nap for thirty minutes or so, but to my surprise, he slept for almost three hours! He stirred around nine and we were trying to keep things low-key and quiet so he would eat and hopefully go right back down. Well, he was awake and not ready to sleep yet, but he was very ready to snuggle. I handed him over to Chris for some male-bonding, but Noah was not having it.
Bubba boy wanted his mama. To snuggle with his mama.
This is a new thing. To want his mama but not the boob.
Mama likey.

He eventually fell asleep there. So stinking precious. And he had just had a bath that day, so clean baby aroma was wafting in my face. Yum. 
In other developments, we’ve been able to lay him in his crib, awake, and he just “talks” himself to sleep. Up until now we’ve rocked him nearly every night, and the first night I laid him in there, kissed him and told him I loved him, he was asleep within minutes. It’s amazing. He’s an incredible baby. I love rocking him and having that sweet time with him, but it’s nice to know that he loves his crib, feels safe there, and will sleep when he’s tired. I know it’s important to start building that sense of “independence” now, for him to learn that his room isn’t scary and that mama and daddy aren’t going to leave him there forever. 
We will be very, very thankful later. Rocking a twelve year old probably isn’t quite as sweet and innocent.
But for now, I will take all the snuggles I can steal.

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