Baby Fever

No, not expecting.
Not expecting to expect.
Well, maybe a tinge…but that’s for another day.

Anyway. I wanted to share some more of my craftery.
I think I just made that up. See, I am crafty.
Here are a few things that I made for Zane Baby and his mama:

  Owl onesie for the little hoot.
Cute little owl guy…Noah has a matching yellow one.
Roll-up changing pad with matching pouch for diapers and wipes

I am pretty proud of myself and they seem to like them… when I say “they” I mean Heather, I don’t think Zane is too picky. Yet.

And I can’t remember if I put these on here or not, so here are a couple more of the felt wallets that I love to make. These bring me much joy:

  Yellow Bird & Yellow Peacock

These two have been surprise gifted in the past few days…maybe you are the lucky one?
I’ve been thinking about Etsy or something similar… any thoughts?
I also have thought about just making things and sending them randomly to people I like. I like myself when I do such things…possibly more than potential money in my pocket.
Hmm. Things to ponder.
We shall see…


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