Bathing Beauty

It’s been a whirlwind around here for our pseudo family o’five this week… worth every less minute of sleep, speck (read: chunk) of dirt on the floor (which may or may not have been there before this week started), a potentially broken shusher, extra dirty underwear strewn about the house (extra as in “in addition to” not “extremely”), puddles of spilled milk on the table, and anything else that comes our way. I might not be able to stand up, sit down, or toot at the end of it, but I am so thankful that Chris and I live and work at a place where our nephews and nieces can come and experience things they never have before, learn something cool and fun that blows their little brains, and hopefully fall more in love with this wonderful thing called summer camp. It’s in our blood, they might as well go on and love it…or at least pretend.

Day two and three: Cheese, fuzzy “daddy” caterpillars, nature center, naps, lightning bugs, blue jello, water galore.

.Dos Giusti Boys at Camp John Knox, waiting for the dinner bell.
Have you ever seen anything cuter?Now you have…Hmm… looks like he could be up to something down at the waterfront… Well-balanced meals: three food groups: cheese, cheese crackers, & jello.

He had water to drink?

At the end of the day, full of sugar and out of energy.

Or full of energy and out of sugar?
Oh well.


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