When Noah’s Away (at Naptime)…

…his parents will play.
Thanks to a couple of our summer ladies, Jess and Kelli, Chris and I got to hang out with my sister and niece, Kelly and Abigail, on the boat with Dennis and Stephanie. If you remember, Chris got to do this last year, but apparently skiing is not an approved activity for pregnant folks. Go figure.
But this year, they couldn’t keep me away.
I got up on the first time, which I consider to be quite the feat considering that I haven’t skied since I was in high school… behind my brother’s jet ski.  I make no promises on the form, skill, or tan lines, but I was pretty impressed with myself.
What’s that? You need a close-up of that amazing skiing face? No problem.
Not only am I a natural, my Floridian husband that had never skied in his life until last summer seems to be quite the little fish as well. Not only did he kick some skiing hiney, he has “mastered” (I use that term lightly) the art of the slalom ski. Apparently once you go slalom, you never go back. In this case, one is better than two, I guess?
Kelly, my oldest sister, has been skiing for a long time. Her dad lives on the water and has boats readily available. So basically, what I am trying to say is she blew us out of the water. Quite literally.
And last but certainly not least, Abbie, at the ripe old age of five, skied for the first time! She did awesome on the training bar with the help of Dennis. He said that she could probably have stayed up on her own if she tried again, but I think she said she would wait until she’s six to go solo. I was impressed, either way. She must have her mama’s fish genes.
Next year I will be able to put Noah’s photos up here…Camp John Knox’s youngest skier. Oh yes. We are advanced here in the Ford family.
Oh, and did I mention that my husband was looking mighty fine?
Ohhh yes.


3 responses

  1. I LOVE it! Not just cause I get some of your press time- but I like that I took the photos of you guys enjoying a fun date- even if others were along for the ride (no pun intended).

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