Dear IKEA…

You complete me.
Or at least my home.

Chris, Noah, and I set off on an adventure Friday to find and bring back the coolest sink and cabinet this house has ever seen. As you can gather, we did not pass go or collect $200 (more like deposited) and headed straight for the IKEA. (I may have a small crush on IKEA.) The first time I ever frolicked about the aisles I was toting a four month old on a non-wavering eating regiment and had to see what I could see in about 45 minutes. If anyone has ever stepped foot in IKEA or stood in it’s giant shadow outside, you know this is an injustice. This could not be the case again… not when we meant business.

Enter: Grand Parental Units of the Ford persuasion. It just so happens that Grammy Nan and G-DaddyB were coming up from ATL to stay the weekend with us – so we met them there, traded Noah for their truck, and headed on to The Happiest Place on Earth.

We made sure to make a list and set a budget for all things we wanted to purchase – whether for us personally or for the bathroom makeover. Yes, IKEA’s schtick is that everything is super affordable and will change your life, but “everything” could get quite pricey, especially when you are footloose and fancy free to move about the store. We are risk takers, but we need to retire sometime. What’s the saying – Champagne taste on a beer budget?

Unfortunately I can’t show the bathroom amazingness because the project hasn’t started, but I can show a couple of other purchases: our zigzag shelf and hook rack.

Note to self (and others): Measure before you go.
This shelf is supposed to be horizontal –
good thing we like the end result.

We installed this at 10:30pm – it’s just that good.

There will be more photos to follow – just wanted to throw a splash of color out there.


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