Handgrown Goodness

I am a little late in the game discovering this year’s hullabaloo about a growing movement for handmade goodness for the holidays, but I have to say, it’s about time, folks! Welcome to the eternally joyful world of gifts of labor and love.

We (the Bowens and Fords) have been doing something similar the past few years for Christmas exchanges – local products from your respective local markets – and a lot of times, but not always, these items lend themselves to handmade goodness ranging from produce to music to state flags. And we (C & me) have loved every single gift we have received and given.

Here are a few other folks who think this is a trend worth trying, not like the “wear faux fur with a military jacket” (or something like that) that will be over next week (we handmakers hope, anyway – and even if the trend dwindles, we will still be making and giving – so there):
  • Love, Lizzie – mostly kid-minded but she could make anything, I tell ya: skirts, capes, soft toys, bags, etc.
  • Plain and Joyful Living – simple family abundantly gifted in handworks.
  • Sew Liberated – great ideas and patterns for little ones and around-the-house items – and she talks about her cute kids, too
  • Made by Rae – Big Butt Baby Pants – enough said. – and she’s putting together a “Celebrate the Boy” month in February
Check these folks out for ideas and items to buy. The second link has a remarkable list of folks participating in Handmade Holiday 2010.

I won’t launch into a shpiel atop my soap box of why you should, why it’s better, who it’s good for, I will simply say this:
  • Value is not just monetary.
  • Mother Earth will rejoice in singing.
  • Life lessons gently implied.
  • Gifts that keep on giving.
  • Usable and/or consumable.
  • Gentler eco-footprint.
  • Local economy.
The end. Preaching over.

If you want to talk about any of the above topics in more detail, I’d be glad to indulge.


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