Tis the Season for Bedazzlers

Bust out your puff paint, warm your hot glue guns, zazzle your bedazzlers, bling out your jinglers – you don’t scare us.  Try and beat us, I dare you – cause you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Yes, that is a mock turtleneck...

Consider this your warning, dear BoBullGiushy Family, the Ford Clan will NOT, I repeat will NOT, be defeated in the Christmas Sweater Showdown 2010. We’re coming in numbers this year…

‘Tis the season – everything’s better in a sweater.


One response

  1. Clarification – I did not actually craft these fine sweater specimens – though I think I have the tinge of Christmas tinsel deep down in my creative bones to create something almost as sweet. Check back after Christmas for the Sweater Showdown winners – I bet the faces will be eerily similar to these fine folks.

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