Nipping at Your Nose

Jack Frost isn’t the only one feeling a little “nippy” the past few days.

And by “nippy” I mean, there ain’t no sunshine when we have to stay inside.

First it’s the cabin fever frenzies (let’s paint our bedroom, build a screened in porch, demo the bathroom, something with a purpose, please)…

Then it’s the nothing-in-the-house-is-appealing-to-my-appetite/emotions-munchies…

Moves quickly to “When do we head to Florida again?”…

And rapidly on to “I thought we left this mess in Kansas?”…

And takes a sideways jump to “When hell freezes over – ironic, really – frozen just might be my hell”…

Thennnnnnnnnnn, when we don’t even know what day it is anymore…

Meltdown ensues.

And Noah doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Winter Wonder(less)land either:

And in 4…..                    …..3…..                     …..2…..               1 – Meltdown!



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