Sweaterfest 2010 – VOTE!

Dear Friends and Family,

As promised, the Bowen-Bullington-Giusti-Ford Clan has delivered. Yes, Sweaterfest 2010 has brought out the vest, I mean the best in us. And now, we need your help to decide the winners – the categories are:

  1. Best Dressed Family
  2. Best Dressed Individual
  3. Most Likely to Be Spotted at Wal-Mart


Photo 1: Chris + Noah of the Ford Clan
Photo 2: Beth of the Ford Clan

We have the Chippendales at our Christmas - who do YOU have? Photo 3: Heather + Mike of the Giusti Clan

Photo 4: Paul + Kelly of the Bullington Clan
Photo 5: The Bowen Clan

Photo 6: The Giusti Clan

Photo 7: The Bullington Clan


Photo 8: The Ford Clan

Photo 9: Prepare yourself - that's a whole lot of funky for one family.

Please take into consideration the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the details of each, um, ensemble. Once you have decided on your top pick for each category, please leave your vote in a comment below or send your vote to my Facebook. I will tally the votes until 11:59pm on December 25th. I will announce the winners and prizes at noon the day after Christmas – consider it an extra gift from me! Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Bonus Game: I will send a Sweaterfest 2010 prize to the most-creative-make-me-laugh-til-I-can’t-breathe caption for any of the above photos. Same time frame, same announcement. Leave it in a comment with the number of the picture.


11 responses

  1. 1. family: prepare yourself – the whole clan
    honorable mention: the ford clan
    2. individual: beth of the ford clan
    3: walmart: tommy bowen

  2. 1. Bullington Family best – just b/c i’m a sucker for the santa hats and love the polka dot socks.
    2. Individual Best – Chris Ford for having the guts to wear a shirt that used to belong to a girl.
    3. Wal-mart- Beth Ford – I think I saw her at Wal-mart last night.
    4. Best guns – Guisti (oops, is that a catagory?)

    Tommy, really, red sweat pants?

    If I win you better not send me one of those sweaters. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS!

  3. Best dressed family: Your Mom and Dad for ROCKIN those antlers and red sweats.
    Individual: Chris. The contrasting plaid collar won me over in a heartbeat.
    Walmart: Heather & Mike. The taffeta skirt. The velvet shirt. The too-small vest with nothing underneath. You need to submit that to http://www.peopleofwalmart.com

  4. I thought I sent this earlier via message…here it is again. Family, Bullington; Individual, Heather [[she got Mike to be the Chippendale and she could wear grown up clothes]]. WalMart: Rita & Tommy. When you get ‘mature’ you can wear outfits like that and not care about anyone’s feelings. Photo caption–I choose 4: Paul: “does this vest make me look fat?” Kelly: “I wonder if the people at church know what he wears under his robe?”

  5. Photo 2: (Said with a lisp) Hey guysth! You ready for sthome ham? I went into the woodsth and killed it mysthelf. Stho I didn’t wasthe any partsth I usthed the bonesth and sthkinsth to build Noah a yurt.

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