Merry Very Vintage

Creating something adorable is quite simple when you have these two to raise the cute factor tenfold:

"My Buddy (my buddy) My Buddy (my buddy) - My buddy and me..."

Barefoot and fancy free.

See what I mean? They could make trash bags and tater sacks look good.

If you’ve been around our family long enough it’s possible that you have rested your purty little head on one or both of the fabrics in these skirts – yep, that’s right – the skirts are pillowcases circa at least 25 years ago. I am just guessing, given the lovely shade of green and floral print, that the fabrics are likely early 80’s – if not late 70’s. And if I know my mama, the “K.Cushing” label on the back hem of ALo’s skirt would lead me to believe that these were once part of camp linens – and nothing younger than five years went to camp for fear of it’s non-return or that state of return. Not to name names, but this particular camper would likely validate the circa 1970’s theory…and now her offspring sport the “upcycled” 2010 versions.

Very fun. Very vintage. Very precious nieces.

Fun Factoid: These two items don my very first “Produced Locally” labels – that will be worth something some day, right?

Good News for YOU: When mama cleans her clutter, I get the goods. If you are interested in a similar item for you or your little one, please let me know – I would love to craft it for you. Each piece is one of a kind – and depends on my thrifty stash. If you are interested in a step-by-step, I’d be glad to help – be sure to set aside a whopping forty-five minutes from start to finish. Seriously.


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