Merry Christmas to Me – Again.

Remember way back a few weeks ago when I may have dropped a small hint that I really wanted that book about chickens – I may have even begged a little?

Ask and ye shall receive, my friends (and sometimes double – more about that in a moment):

Think "cat lady" but with chickens.

Not only does Santa(mama) love me and want to indulge in my chicken love, Santa(sister) loves me, too – hence the double gift. And if I weren’t a practical person, I would keep them both because it is THAT good. I have already designed-revised-improved (mentally) an enviro-friendly sustainable coop, all but ordered the cutest chickens on the block, named them, and salivated at the delish meals that are going to slide across my kitchen table in the near(er) future. Whew.

And it gets even better.

I’m not sure I can contain my excitement. Like – for real – I think my heart may beat right out of my chest.

The author, Ashley English (henceforth known as my new best friend) is local. Well, semi-local. To me. In Ten Mile. Ten Mile. She and her chickens live in Candler, NC – ten minutes from my sister and twenty-five from the family homestead in Balsam.

Shut the front door.

And wait… wait. I haven’t even gotten to the part that’s got me doing cartwheels.

Ashley (you know, my BFF) is teaching a Continuing Ed class in Asheville at the community school the first and last weeks of February – a two-and-a-half hour chat. About her and her chickens. And her fabulous sustainable life. And probably her blog and naturally creative endeavors – like her lip balm that I am already mentally collecting supplies to make.


Be still my pounding heart.

If any of you local Ashevillians would like to come with me on my chicken adventure the dates are February 4th and February 23rd – I’ll treat the first person who agrees to come with me to a local lunch/dinner at Tupelo Honey in downtown Asheville.

So one last time for 2010 – Merry Christmas to me. And my future chickens – I will learn how to love you and care for you and make you my very own.


5 responses

  1. DON’t Name Them!! Call them one, two, three…..and you’ll better about that chicken and dumplings! God is so good–to order all of this in North Carolina and Tennessee. Enjoy the conference.

  2. Glad you got what you wished for! I’ve witnessed that chicken thing for- ummm, 9 years. I’ll stick to my baking, photography, composting hobbies (independent of each other of each other). But…… I’d love to go to Tupelo Honey! Yum!!

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