This would be the time and place where I ramble off a gargantuan list of my New Year’s Resolutions and how this year will be different than before because of reasons A-Z. Well, I am a little more in touch with reality and myself than to think for even half a second that I would see any of them through to the end. You are spared.

Instead, right here before you (my three readers) and Google, I am half-promising to chronicle our daily life in Ten Mile and abroad with a “Photo a Day” – for 365 days – in 2011. My sister, Kelly, sent this idea to me about a month ago and I found myself inspired – less with the possibilities of each individual shot and more with the end product of a printed timeline of a year in the life – of us.

As adults we’ve likely all fallen victim to hand-me-don’ts (don’t get me wrong – I LOVE hand-me’s when they are useful and practical – seventeen boxes of trophies and pom-poms, not so practical…) – but a coffee table book of our daily adventures as we grow up and old – how in the heck could you not be entertained?

I mean, we are going to have CHICKENS for crying out loud.

So to end up 2010 with a bang and to start off on the right foot with 2011:

And this one is just for fun. Well, I think it’s fun:

So, friends, keep me in check. My half-promising means I get a free pass – at least once (or twice) a week – but if you haven’t heard from us in a while you may need to take a trip up to Ten Mile and make sure we’re still adventuring.


6 responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwww–what a way to let Nancy & Bruce and Rita & Tommy and the rest of us see Noah grow. And I am now placing my order for one of those coffee table books!

  2. Is that a yoga move? I’ll have to figure out what that’s called. I LOVE the coffee table book thing. I would like to challenge myself too! I just don’t know if I can add one more thing to my daily “to do”list.

  3. Hey Beth and Happy New Year!
    In case you don’t remember me I’m the crazy camper with the love of fanny packs… Yes, that one.

    I have been very quite for sometime for fear of sounding like a real creeper but now I feel kinda creepy for not telling you that I read your blog quite regularly. I love it so much! Noah is simply adorable!

    I got a camera for Christmas so I’m thinking that I will join you on your “photo a day” quest. 🙂

    Happy New Year again and God Bless!
    Elizabeth P

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