Remember the revelation of this little gem:

Look into my crystal ball...

Well, she’s still going strong after almost a year of fighting off armpit funk and odiferous aromas. I’ve been loyal and true to my crystal ball through weddings, camp days, skiing, holidays, the hot Florida sun, FSU football (that always makes me sweat), and even Dollywood – that is until yesterday.

Enter Arrid Dry.

I was desperate. Chris had already diligently packed the car to resemble that of a Jenga Game Gone Wild and I wasn’t about to ask him to go digging for my little gem. So, I did what anyone fearful of odorously offending anyone in a five foot radius and slathered on some of the perfumey goop – it felt so wrong in so many ways.

So wrong I haven’t even showered today – but that could have more to do with the pilot light going out on our hot water heater.

And rather than having a little bit of “ode de natural” I have day old flowery stink.



3 responses

  1. Still the best stuff yet! Though, I have started using the round rock salt recently. For some reason the crystal brand (in the plastic container) tends to deteriorate too fast, leaving sharp ends. I am hoping this thai brand does better holding up. I guess we’ll see. I will be sure to let you know if it works.

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