Get Yer’ Waders On

…cause it’s about to get deep in here.

I wish normal folks could automatically make the connection between that and what I am about to indulge in, but I think I have permanently stepped so far outside of the box that to try and keep up with my thought patterns would take some serious dedication.

I digress.

Potty training – or house breaking, however you want to slice it. We aren’t necessarily starting the “training” now, after all Noah is only fifteen months old, but I guess you could say we are priming the pump.

Okay, that’s a weird analogy when talking about personal plumbing.

Maybe I should start this post over. Shoot.

Please enjoy this photo while I get my head together:

No relevance to the post, he's just cute. And loves his Bo's.

Let’s try this again… we are starting to teach Noah about his diaper and what all that entails – when it’s dirty, if he needs a clean one, showing him where we put them to be washed, where we have the clean ones, how to “tell” us if he’s pottied in his diaper, etc. This basically looks like when he’s got that look going on – left eye squinting, beet red, vein popping on forehead, eyes watering, quiet grunting – we will ask him if he’s going poo-poo in his diaper. And he will usually respond in one of two ways – keep pooping or say “poo poo purr” and point to his pants. We ask if he wants a clean one and then either carry him or let him walk us to his room for a change. Self-awareness is the first step.

So tonight as we were reading books before bed (sidenote: reading books isn’t always a quiet activity, it can be quite active in our house – this was one of the active times…), I see the face and proceed through our little dialogue. He confirms that he is doing his business and I ask him if he wants to go on the potty, you know to introduce the next step in the process.

He promptly takes a break from his “duty”, stands up straight, gets a huge “aha!” smile on his face, points at Grits, and runs to the front door wanting to go outside.

“Potty”. He wanted to go to the potty. The only “potty” he knows.


Be glad I picked this one - not the "action" shot.

We’ve got a lot of work to do…


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