It is no big secret that I like to ponder. All things life, love, faith, joy, peace, sorrow, nature and it’s miraculous ways far too big for my mind to even begin to comprehend. I find myself getting lost in this place of thought, this place of theory, this place of ideality (not really a word, but it fits with where I’m going – think reality, but not…) – at least it’s ideal for me in my little corner of the map.

I daydream of fertile soils to dig my toes into, to plant and grow our table’s bounty, of a sustainable homestead to raise our family, of schooling that will teach our child the values of life while letting him discover who he is and who he wants to be, of a community of like-souled people (their minds are give or take – it’s the core of them that I am interested in…), an imagination that is entertained by the simple things in life – playing with my family, cooking, sewing, reading a good book/blog, a mind rid of negativity, judgments, complaints, a harmonic space of greens and blues to call home for all of my days, a deeper love and understanding of my Maker, of living with and teaching others the abundant joys of simple life, simple living.

I’m not there yet. Not even close. Baby steps…

I have discovered that to choose to live a simple life often means the more questions you have to answer:

  • Why grow/make/fix/craft it when you can buy it?
  • Does it really matter if it’s made in China?
  • Isn’t it cheaper to do it this way?
  • You don’t want Noah to grow up without a little brother or sister, do you?
  • What does (insert person’s name who “should” have an opinion about topic) think about that?
  • Do you want a flu shot for you child? Are you sure?
  • What do you have against Sarah Palin? (For the record – nothing. I just hope our next president did not get his/her start as a reality star. I can see it now: “The Situation” for President… Think about it.)

And on and on…

I’m sure the questions will always remain, and I’m okay with that. It gives me the opportunity to hopefully enlighten someone who may not be aware, to teach a friend something new, to engage in a fruitful relationship.  Most of the questions I can field, others I choose not to, and then still there are a few that no matter what the answer I give it will never be “right”. Or satisfying – to someone else at least.

What I/we choose for me, us, our family, our life is just that – a choice. I’ve often looked for a justification, a reason, something to explain my free-spirit, my love for nature, my passion to absorb every grain of knowledge for no other reason than to simplify, my outside-of-the-box views and opinions, my “back to the land, should have lived in the sixties” mentality… and I ran across this the other day in a wonderful little book you can find here:

“We believe this world that you see is a manifestation of God and we are living in harmony with God. We don’t hold the environment as something to campaign about, in itself. ”


You can love the earth and Jesus, too.

And even one because of the other. Which one you love first, doesn’t really matter – it’s kind of like the age-old question about the chicken or the egg. Love one of them long enough and you will likely have a little (or large) love affair with the other.

And it’s good.





Jesus even had a hootenanny or two in the wilderness…some might say it’s where he found strength and peace and solace.

I know where to find me, myself, mine.

Wherever it is for you, I hope you find it.


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