I Like Big Butts

…and I cannot lie.

Zane's Big Butt Baby Pants (pattern by Rae of "Made by Rae")

Hands down – this is the best baby/toddler pattern I’ve made. Mostly because they are functional but the fact that they are dripping with cuteness doesn’t hurt either.

This particular pair is made with fabric (the green) I rescued from my grandmother’s house that’s been sitting empty – well, full of treasures just not people – since 2004. It’s possible it dates back to the 80’s, maybe 70’s, slight chance even earlier. Shockingly it’s way better quality than a lot of what I come across here in the 21st century. Maybe not so shocking.

Look for them soon on the “Simply Shop” page of the blog and a link to Etsy. I’ve been given the go-ahead by Rae to sell my versions of the BBBPs made with her pattern. If you are interested in a pair of these puppies before they debut in the shop, please let me know. I’d love to craft them for your babe or a babe close to your heart.

Disclaimer: Your baby needs not be cloth diapered or have a big booty to ooze with cuteness in these pants. I don’t discriminate.

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