The Murphys + The Fords
Beth, Chris, Noah, Lee, Benjamin, & Daniel – and Heloise is in the photo above.


Who knew when I moved to Tallahassee seven years ago and got involved at the FSU Reservation that I would:

  1. Meet my Outdoor Adventure TA. Fall in love. Get Married. Start a family. Oh, and the teacher of the class? Mr. Lee Murphy.
  2. Discover and rediscover things I am passionate in a way that I never would have imagined – camp, kids, Jesus, the mountains, climbing, Chris, adventure, ministry.
  3. Change my major three times until I finally found Rec & Leisure, mostly to the credit of Mr. Murphy (pictured above).
  4. Begin and nurture a friendship that wasn’t at all likely or usual – but has grown and developed over the past seven years, continues to encourage and bring us joy, and will surely last a lifetime.

The Fords are so thankful to have been able to spend the day over in Ft. Walton with the Murphy fam when we were home for Christmas. Noah met and played with Daniel and Benjamin, two of the most sweet-spirited and fun-loving little fellas I know. Lee took us on a tour of Eglin, his new horizon of outdoor bliss, grubbed real good at Five Guys, played in little boy heaven full of trucks and legos and blocks at the Murphy casa, and had great conversation.

These folks mean a great deal to us – as individuals and as a family. We’ve learned in our short marriage that it’s not about age, location, or much else other than a common thread that binds two (or four or six or….) people together. It doesn’t really matter what that thread is – ours happens to be a love for Jesus and hippies. And Jesus loving hippies… think about that one for a minute.

We’re proud to call them friends, family. We look forward to many more adventures and chances to get outside and play on life’s long journey…


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