Out of this World

A few things:

  1. We don’t have cable or anything that resembles it. I am satisfied with this.
  2. Because of #1 we rely on our trusty digital antenna.
  3. Because of #2 we can always get, without fail, the CW – yes, all the Gossip Girl and 90210 a sixteen year old drama queen could dream of.
  4. We are very thankful when PBS has something intriguing on or the off-chance that NBC,CBS, or ABC are blipping through.

…which all bring me to this story:

Last night I was getting supper ready, Chris was tending to the toddler, Brian Williams was bringing us the NBC Nightly News. They cut to another journalist who starts rambling about the state of the economy worldwide and how people all over the world are starving (not a new problem, pal) and that’s part of what lead to all of the hullabaloo in Egypt…and so on and so forth. He goes on to say that a major reason why more people are hungry than ever before is due to various natural disasters and poor crop growth in the past few years, leading to the increase of food prices by almost 30% worldwide – we’ve felt it, I’m sure most corners of the map have.

Then he proceeds with the way that America eats is in abundance and is comparably wasteful to all other countries – no kidding, our obesity rate speaks for itself.

The next bit went a little something like, “If we continue to eat in this way it will take two earths to keep up with our consumption…”

To which the reporter replies, “And where will we find the money for that?”

I stopped dead in my tracks on the way to the table, looked puzzlingly at Chris, busted out laughing and said, “Did he really just ask how we are going to afford another planet?”

Look out universe, Earth is looking for an investment property.



One response

  1. Well…. coming fresh from Space Camp in Huntsville. I will say that we are launching/have launched space craft (Hubble to be specific) that can hopefully get us closer to figuring out what’s out there and if “other” planets not to mention solar systems support life! Yes- I said that, but do I believe in that? Not sure that I believe in life beyond ours expect for God in Heaven and wherever that may be! Read the bible. History repeats and repeats.

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