Family. God. Husband. Child. Job. Self. Homestead. Garden. Sewing. Good book. Cooking. Writing. Health. Friends. Church. Giving. Traveling. Creating. Selling. Date nights. Stewarding. Sleeping. New endeavors.

How does one juggle life’s daily tasks and challenges? Can you, I mean I, efficiently juggle them all? What about the ones that I don’t plan and calculate for? If I gave 100% to even half of them, the others would surely fall by the wayside. And they do. Every day.

I am the type of person that tries to find joy in everything I do, even the mundane. Is the glass always half full – of course not – but if the joy is not there I find it difficult to justify giving it even 5% (hence why my house is typically always awry…). And then there are the things that bring me great joy (such as this blog) that I have little energy and even less time for.

Balance – this is my challenge in this season of life. I don’t promise to be great or even good at all or any of the aforementioned categories (and their subcategories). I do promise to seek joy and balance – and where those do not abound I will re-prioritize. I will always put God and family first with the soon-to-come chickens at a close third – you think I’m joking.

So how do I do it? Is there a magical formula – I am open to suggestions. But not the fluffy, make-you-feel-good, only-works-in-theory suggestions. Real. Practical. Dare I say, simple.

I know there are folks who have the balance, the zen – to you, wise ones, share the wealth…


6 responses

  1. Balance? Ha! If only…

    I suppose I’ve found that there’s never enough time to get a good balance in any one day, but averaged over the week it feels okay.

    Oh, and I have a house cleaner that comes twice a month!

  2. A hope list the night before, prayer before your feet hit the floor that you woould be in God’s will and on his time that day and know your biggest rocks in the jar of life! and smile….

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