Weightloss Tips (and other small town advice)

This mama decided cooking was not on the agenda last night so we ventured into town for a bite to eat. The “big city” of Kingston has slim pickin’s when it comes to gourmet – Italian-ish at Gondolier, American at Red Bones, Mexican at Don Eduardo’s, BBQ at Buddy’s, Greasy Spoon at Handee (only until 4pm) – where’s the fresh and local? You would think in a rural and agriculturally rich area they would be a dime a dozen – not so much. I digress…

So we were waiting in line at the Gondo – this place is packed on a Friday night – enjoying the characters we shared the waiting area with. The sweet hostess calls the next family to be seated – a middle-aged man wearing overalls and his two kids. A little strange for a grown man to be sporting his Sunday best on a Friday outing, but need I remind you our zip code? When the hostess returns an older fella who is sitting next to her stand leans over to her and says, “Let me give you a little advice. Don’t ever own a pair of overalls. They make you fat.”

The blushing hostess, looking beyond confused and at a loss for the appropriate thing to say to the customer that is clearly always right, mutters, “My granddaddy bought me my first pair”.

The wise man says to that, “Well, tell him not to buy you no more. You’ll get fat. Have you ever seen a skinny person in overalls?”

It took all I had to not bust out laughing. I couldn’t wait to sit down and share my new found health secret with Chris… except Mr. Anti-Overalls sat smack dab at the next table. He was dining alone. Shocking.

And he wasn’t done with his advice giving either.

He made funny faces and talked to Noah periodically through the meal, asked us if we would make a trade so that he could take Noah home with him, told the waitress he “runned off” his Mrs – you know, run of the mill dining experience. As he was getting ready to leave he offered a trade one more time then said something that went a little like this, “You know, raising kids is like being in the Army. (What?) You wouldn’t take a million dollars not to have done it, but you wouldn’t take a million dollars to do it again.”

Lessons to take away – overalls lead to obesity and raising kids brings the same joys and triumphs as boot camp and the trenches.


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