I Have Not Seen The Wind

If Arthur Alligood had an entry in the dictionary it would read something like this:

Arthur Alligood (arr-ther   al-lee-gud); nounsinger-songwriter who can make friends through his gift of words and song due to his melodic voice and unique ability to make the listener feel as though they are entranced in good conversation with a lifelong friend.

And that’s the Cliffs Notes version.

I met Arthur in 1999 at a little place down County Road 876, back where the city folks call the sticks, at Camp Living Stones where my brother, Matt, was working for the summer. I then was reintroduced to him while I was in college when my brother brought home one of his CDs (Under the Gray) at Christmas time – I don’t think it was my gift, I recall that we traded CD’s (little did I know that Matt had a stash of them and was shamelessly plugging them at every stop) and without a doubt I came out ahead in the deal. I then “met” him for a third time at the chapel dedication at CLS last May, this time accompanied by his lovely wife, Tracy (who I also met back in 1999) and one of their little girls.

And just the other day I opened my mailbox to find this beauty inside:


Hand – stamped just for me – and everyone else who buys this album

My Chaco feet couldn’t find a CD player fast enough… and this album is the same as the other – it isn’t good.


Arthur tells a story and you believe it. He sings a verse and you want to scribble it down. He makes a joyful noise and you want to hang on every note. He plucks the strings and you can feel it in your soul. His passion – for people, music, Jesus, life, truth, love, his family – radiates with every chord and stirs something deep inside.

And now it’s your turn to meet (or be reintroduced) to Mr. Alligood – find him on Facebook, visit his website where “I Have Not Seen the Wind” is streaming and turn up the volume, plan to go see him play in Knoxville on April 21, make a Pandora station, buy his album – it’s only $10 and you get a hand-stamped CD cover and a mailing envelope sent straight from the Alligood homestead – he’s legit.

Check him out – leave me a comment referencing a line from your favorite song from the new album – there may be something in it for you a week from today. Just saying…


2 responses

  1. Alrighty, Mr. Davidson, congrats!. I am a woman of my word and can’t wait for you to love the new Arthur Alligood album courtesy of Produced Locally! Lucky for you other folks didn’t take me seriously – not so lucky for them! Send me your mailing address and I will get that order on it’s way – elizabethbford(at)gmail(dot)com

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