Coop-eration: The Peek

Now that you’ve ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the amazing hen house that my dad and Chris built from scratch with only the plans dad drew up all by his lonesome, prepare for more bewilderment with the peek behind the curtain, so to speak.

The hen house – still debating on a name…

The peek (how they did it):

  • All of the lumber was a) reclaimed from another project around camp that would have gone to a burn pile or b) recycled from a no longer standing structure such as my sister’s deck in Alabama or Building 14 that stood in the coop’s place.
  • The large white window was the top half of our old back door on our house that dad replaced last year when we moved in. He sawed it in half and voila – chicken house ventilation. The small metal framed window was also from Building 14 and gives an excellent front view of the little ladies in their home.
  • The roosts were cut from Kelly’s decking and provide plenty of space for a good night’s sleep.
  • Some of the hardware was also reused from various places – the old shed, a secondhand store, etc.
  • The only thing that we had to purchase outright were the materials for the run and doors – the chicken wire, galvanized fencing, hinges, and posts – all purchased from the local co-op. This is not an area where someone would want to skimp on the materials anyhow…
  • The paint used was from old projects around camp – we used already open cans to give the house a splash of color.

All in all I think we spent about $200-250 of our tax return (including food container and feeders) to give the little ladies a beautiful, spacious, clean, low maintenance and “green” space to live in. We’ve since added an herb stand (Trash to Pleasure – stay tuned), a repurposed wooden box to hold the food container, adorned their wall with a barnwood frame containing their very first feed bag from the co-op whence they came, and we are currently working on the rain catchment system that will provide the birds with water. I would like to put a small solar light out there as well to be able to have a light source… I am on the hunt for a bargain.

We just moved the little ladies in last week, at the ripe old age of three weeks. So far they are loving their new space and digging being outside. Literally.

Once the coop is to complete completion, I am thinking about sending it in for LEED certification

I hope my dad is ready to build a few more…


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