Little Ladies

And now what you’ve all been waiting for… formal introduction to the little ladies of the house.

Well, I suppose that would require them to have names. And while a couple of them have been “named” by the Bullington kiddos – Streak, Sweet-somethingornother, etc. – I can’t remember them all or decide who is who, so names are still yet to come.

Without further ado:

One little, two little, three little chickens…six little chicken girls (we think!)…
They are big fans of checking their stocks.
Mam-bo introducing Noah to the little ladies – he thinks he’ll keep them.

And because environmental education has taken over every square inch of my “free time/me time” and it’s taken me this long to get their first photo up, they don’t even remotely look like that anymore. They have at least doubled in size and are starting to don their pretty ruby-ish color, hence the name Rhode Island Red.  Their spiky-soft yellow fuzz is a distant memory and cute little feathers have replaced it. Their combs are coming in and their tail feathers wiggle when they walk.

Little ladies about three weeks old…feathers for fuzz.
Look who found their roosts – the top ones at that. Good thing I spent all that quality time in there that one time… you know the time.

My tendering partner just came in and notified me that all the ladies are in for the night, not so much roosting as cuddled in the corner. Looks like there will be more lessons in their near future…

I have a sneaky suspicion that one of the little ladies may not be such a lady afterall… more to come on that subject. Weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow so I will likely be spending most of my day outside, partly with the chickens and their in progress rain barrel and partly with the garden and it’s in progress fence – notice a trend?

Happy five weeks of life little ladies (and lad?) – only fifteen more to egg laying time…


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