The Great Cloth Diaper Change

April 23rd – the day that at least 6,363 (and counting) diapers did not go to the landfill.  (Technically double that because you can count the one you took off and the one you put on…)

The Knoxville Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network put the event together for all the cloth-bootied babies in our area at Caswell Park downtown – there were about eighty folks who turned out to go down in the record books and we were three of them. At 12:30pm on the dot the officials from Guinness Book of World Records counted us down – I was curious whether the record was really diaper changing or the most crying babies in a city park at one time. Either way it was successful.

They took a before and after photo in order to prove that we in fact put our kids into a cloth diaper. The judges cruised around checking out our diapers to make sure they qualified – I am proud to note that we were one of very few who use the “old school” prefolds and covers. Very proud – even more so when we were in the top five to finish. Yeah, I’m that good.

BEFORE (far right corner, teal cover & Noles hat)
AFTER (middle right, tallest baby in the group)

Because we could only have one changer in the allotted area, Chris was able to film the event and my mad diaper changing skills. It is hysterical (and slightly embarrassing) to me how competitive I felt changing my kid’s diaper – I think I need a competitive outlet. But I am also fairly certain that I wasn’t alone in my cut-throat attitude:

It’s fun to say that we were a part of a Guinness World Record – and fun to see and read about all the folks around the world rediscovering the simplicity of cloth diapering. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow for our earth and our kids.

Random side story: After the event we went and grabbed lunch and headed over to Concord Park for Chris to ride the trails there – daddy has to have his fun, too. Noah and I played under a shade tree – reading books, vrooming trucks in the dirt, chasing bugs. I was rummaging through the goody bag we received at the event and found a cookie, specifically a Milkin’ Cookies chocolate chip. Cookies are not a regular item in Noah’s diet, however, it was a beautiful day outside and Noah had been playing so hard that I thought he deserved a yummy treat. He sat down next to me and devoured that cookie so fast – chocalatey little fingers and smudges all over his face. It wasn’t until I got home and rummaged a little more that I found the business card that goes with the cookie…

Any guesses as to the nature of the cookie?

Wait for it…

To increase milk supply in nursing mothers.


Always a good idea to read the labels – lucky for me (and more importantly Noah) the label also indicated that the maker of the cookies feeds them to her husband and kiddos because they are full of tasty goodness.


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