Between the Sheets

This project started with scissors, sheets, a vague idea of my size, and a measuring stick. I had no pattern or clear vision of what I wanted to make, but I must say I am rather delighted with the final product.

The skirt wraps around, passes through a button hole ( I added a second button hole for potential growth) and ties either in the front or back or side. You can see the “wrap” goes around my backside in these photos, but I can tie it on however I am feeling at that moment…versatility is my friend.

Sheets to Skirt: 3 Vintage sheets from Trafalgar (circa 1980’s)


I still have a plethora of sheets to work from if anyone is interested… I can make them for little lovelies, too.


6 responses

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  2. You are a fashion statement of your own Beth. Your creativity ceases to amaze me. Pillow cases, sheets,…. What’s next? Curtains? I’ll see if I can dig some of those up. Probably not. They’d be at the Waterfront Mission.

  3. So, I love the idea of the skirt! Do you think you would be able to make one for a 4 year old, Kaitlyn? She wears a 4T, if that helps…Email me and let me know…Also, what you would charge for it if you can make one? Thanks Girlie

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