May (or May Not)

In celebration of the last day of summer (and apparently the first of many dog days of summer) we are going to play a little game based on the events of the past couple days.

Here are the rules:

  1. I give you an example of something that may or may not have happened,
  2. you think real hard about it, think again, and decide,
  3. leave your answers in a comment to this post.
  4. The person who comes closest to getting them all right (and answers first if there is a tie) wins a prize – maybe one of the Between the Sheets Skirts?! Maybe an Herb Drying Board?!

May (or May Not)

  • Noah may or may not have eaten a piece of dog food. Off the floor. After he dumped it out.
  • The power may or may not have gone out while I was showering – mid-foot buffing.
  • The walk home from the dining hall to the house (200 yards) may or may not have taken us only 26 minutes.
  • Raccoons may or may not have broken my very favorite light bulb planter – and a phone call to a trapper is in the making.
  • While waiting for the car to be fixed I may or may not have agreed to be chauffeured to the mall – where I ate lunch, bought some shoes, and sat on the parlor floor (it’s sounds much nicer than bathroom, right?) and watched two episodes of season three of Desperate Housewives. Earbuds and all.
  • Noah may or may not have intentionally eaten dirt. Twice.
  • The “boy hen” – affectionately know as Leghorn – may or may not have tried to eat my pinkie toe.
  • For lunch, Noah may or may not have had yogurt pretzels, a banana, animal crackers, and milk – while roaming around the living room. (3 out of 5 food groups isn’t bad, right?)
  • The purchase of a Green Sprouts  set of dishes, cups, spoons, forks, bowls (made from plants, no harsh chemicals)  for $12 may or may not have happened from my new, very favorite website Eco Baby Buys.
  • In response to it being hot as blazes, clearly an official form of measurement, I may or may not have had Naked Hour during naptime.

All right folks – the pickin’ is yours. You have until the end of the week to think real hard about the likes of my last few days – say 5pm on Friday, June 3?

Happy last day o’ May…

Sidenote: I made sure the prisoners were gone for the day and the curtains were closed before I ditched my skivvies; after-all, I am a lady.


6 responses

  1. You may have gone to the mall, but you may NOT have watch housewifes of Ten Mile. And Noah may have eaten all that stuff, but he may NOT have roamed the living room prairie. All others sound reasonable and certainly MAY have happened.

  2. I say “may” to all the above except the ride to the mall and the stuff that followed that one. Just doesn’t sound like a show you’d care to watch.

  3. I just want you to know that there IS a navy base in Millington, TN. We will not be going there because it is a boring place to work and would basically snuff out the life of Tom’s career. Sorry.

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