Prayer Bear

Friends, today is the day for the greatest of jubileessweet Clara is home with her mama and daddy after several weeks of roller coastering challenges and triumphs from the very day she was born.  She is certainly a dainty fighter and has proven time and time again that she will do great things in her life with God by her side.

When I first learned about R0bert & Chrissy’s little love and that she would face big, big trials early on, I started to pray (like thousands of others) for her daily. Then several times a day. Then the prayers turned into a quiet meditation over Clara and her God that made her, knitted her in her mother’s womb, knows the hairs on her head, and cares for her so and will heal her and make her tiny body whole again. Before I knew it I was spending several minutes, several times a day in this quiet meditation – more than I have in years. Years.

Many times this coincided while needle felting (what would turn out to be this bear) a small gift for Clara:

With each stitch and intertwining of the fibers I was reminded at how delicately we are put together, how careful and intentional our loving God is in our creation, and how he is so faithful – not just in times of need and desperation, but all the time. Every day. Each moment.

Praying over Clara and handcrafting this bear will likely mean more to me than the bear itself will ever mean to her. I hope that she can one day know and realize the multitude of people who have loved and prayed for her since before she was born – and that those praying were as changed by the praying as she has been and continues to be.


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