CSA: In the Box (Week 4&5)

After a mad dash to the market due to a power surge overnight that left us sleeping until 11:22am (it takes 35 minutes to get to Dixie Lee – and we have to pick the box up before noon, you do the math) last Saturday, cooking a scrumptious Saturday Supper for six, and a clingy little fella under my feet (Noah was pretty needy, too), I just didn’t have it in me to bring the CSA goodness recipes last week – which means, lucky for you, I am doubling up this week.

Small share ($17/week): (from bottom left) snap peas, strawberry jam, onions, summer squash, lettuce, cucumbers, turnips


Saturday Supper = summer staff enjoying  home-cooked, farm fresh delish to accompany whatever protein they bring to grill while hanging out with our family in our home + CSA doesn’t go bad before it can all be consumed + jovial conversation and lighthearted fellowship + I get to cook and try new recipes on real live people.

Clearly everyone wins.

Onto the recipes…

Fresh Dill Loaf (for bread makers – the kind that your dad buys your mom for a gift and it sits in the box for 10+ years until it is passed on to you…)

11.5 ounces of warm water
2 tbsp butter or margarine
4 cups bread flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 3/4 tsp salt
1-1.5 tsp dill
2 tbsp dry milk
2 tsp active dry yeast
1. Add liquid ingredients and butter to pan.
2. Add all dry ingredients, except yeast, to pan. Tap pan to settle dry ingredients, then level ingredients, pushing some mixture into the corners.
3. Make a well in center or dry ingredients; add yeast.
4. Place pan in break maker, select crust color and bread type.
5. Let the bread maker do all the work. Wait 3.5 hours, let cool, and enjoy.

This makes a 2 lb loaf and is plenty big and more for six people. I would recommend either freezing or refrigerating what you don’t eat in the next day or so to keep it from growing green things.

I am have a hard time picking just one other recipe from last night’s SS – we had a caprice salad of sorts, pan-fried rosemary new potatoes, green salad, oven-fried turnips, sauteed summer squash with fresh herbs – so much lovely color and flavor.

Funny thing, looking at my list, there’s only one dish that we (my dearest friend & one of Noah’s “aunts”, Krystal and her hubs, Dan stayed the weekend with us on their way to the mountains) actually followed a recipe for – either that means I might know my way around the kitchen a little or I have sweet friends who eat my cooking because they love me and it’s free.

So I guess it’s not too hard to pick – otherwise the recipe would read “a dash of this – a smidge of that – cook til it looks edible”…

Slow-Cooked Thin-Sliced Summer Squash Showered with Herbs

2 lbs mixed summer squash
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup simmering water
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1/3 cup chopped flat leaf parsley
2 tbsp torn basil leaves (or marjoram or oregano)
1. Slice the squash 1/4 inch thick.
2. Heat the oil in a wide skillet. Add the squash and cook over medium-low heat, flipping the squash in the pan every 3-4 minutes until it’s tender and golden, about 20 minutes. Add the water and continue cooking until none remains. Season with salt and pepper and shower the herbs all over. Slide onto a platter and serve.
*Recipe from Local Flavors, my market companion cookbook.

I suspect my culinary skills have been refined over the past few years and people aren’t just being polite – we had thirteen people ’round our table last night!  For us, this must be a record… for the Colvins, the folks that brings us our farm flavors, this is a regular supper for their family of fifteen.

Oh, Mama Colvin, bless your precious heart… and teach me the wonders of your ways.


2 responses

  1. Honey…God didn’t give me that many to cook for all at once. He gave me the children one at a time. 🙂 Only now they have double man sized appetites and I cook for 20! With my adult children coming and going this means I can serve everyone on short notice.

    For the jam, look up Pomona Pectin. It’s a natural pectin that allows you to cook multiple batches without worry (if you get the math right!). It’s made from grapefruit peels! I’ll be going back into production soon as the strawberry harvest is over for the season.

    I enjoyed your post…just a year late! ha…it’s week 4 2012!

    Abundant Blessings,
    The Farmer’s Wife

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