Bookmarks the Spot

While “Camp Noah” was in session (check back for more details and how you can sign up for this camp in the future), Bigail and I were feeling a little crafty. Flipping through Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule lead us to create, together, these little beauties:

She created the pictures all her own, drew them straight onto the vintage linen from my grandmother’s stash with permanent markers, and I went back over them with the thread she picked out. Once they were embroidered I threw a piece of batting behind the linen and put a back piece of scrap fabric to pull it all together. The “ribbon” is also vintage from mamaw’s stash… I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. And what a cool & useful way to keepsake a drawing forever…

These are Bigail’s & ALo’s, but there is one in the works for big brother Wilbur as well – the program director of Camp Noah has been a little busy lately. She will be back in the office this week…

The Handmade Home is full of great inspirations that you can create and make your very own out of recycled and vintage materials. So far I’ve done the feminine items, a wool hat, a market bag, the bookmarks and next on the list from her book is the Pillowcase Dress – repurposed from an embroidered pillowcase I found for a buck at the thrift store.

I like her very much – her approach to family, life, and simplicity are music to my ears. If only the internet and book world could translate into for real life. I think we would be friends…


2 responses

  1. You simply amaze me with your craftiness. Love that Abigail was part of using Mamaw’s vintage stuff. Mamaw would be so proud.

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