We Are Family

…Look at all my sisters (and brother) and me!

Remember the fella at the Farm Supply that I mentioned about getting chickens from when we were ready?

Well, yesterday we were ready.

We ventured over to Spring City to his farm with the intention of bringing back one, maybe two girls to add back to the coop – mostly in time to give Rudy company while we are gone to Florida for a few days, otherwise we would have waited until we got back.

Well, let’s just say that I am glad our boy goes to a wee-school, because his mama sure shouldn’t be the one to teach him to count:

A couple more than one or two…


Jim and Rose, the farm folks, are among the kindest and most generous folks I’ve ever met. They are originally from Miami, retired from law enforcement and nursing (Jim said, “I put them in jail and she took care of them” – she was a nurse in the prison), moved to their breathtaking piece of property in 2006 where they share it with horses, donkeys, chickens, guineas, turkeys, dogs, and ducks. Neither one of them had ever farmed or raised animals before then – and they have quite the thriving little homestead – my dream come true.

Introducing: Betty, Dilly, Junior, & Blondie


I asked them if they sell their eggs – “No – we give them away. Rose waits til she has about four or five dozen and then goes up and down the road giving them to our neighbors who don’t have very much.” Folks after my own barnheart

And of course, we didn’t owe them a dime. They couldn’t have been happier to gift us a few of their birds – even invited us back if we need more or happen to be in the area.

Junior, the rooster – Buttercup/Silkie mix; Blondie, Betty, & Dilly – pure Silkies


to not take any chances on the new flockmates falling victim to the same fate, we set traps – one in the run, one by the front door of the coop. I’d say it was a success:

These two bring the grand total to four – lucky for them they were “relocated” a little, um, differently.

It’s always good to know a raccoon guy.

The things he did to get those coons in the same trap were pretty impressive – especially after they were both in the same, wrong cage for a spell. And these raccoons won’t meet their end – they will be used for coon dogs. I can get behind that – who couldn’t when there’s even a sticker for it?

For now, Rudy gets to hang out in the kennel while her new friends get acclimated to their new home, and she to them.

The plan is to bunk them together tonight once they roost and they’ll wake up all together tomorrow like it’s been that way their whole lives. Wish us luck…


4 responses

  1. Maybe it was just meant to be this way. Diversity can be a good thing. Hope those coons soon learn not to mess with Fort Knox chickens!!

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