Horn of Plenty

It’s hotter than the devil’s hiney in east Tennessee & we’ve started harvesting and clearing out the summer garden crops – cabbage, basil, carrots, garlic, tomatoes (lots & lots) – to save them from the scorching heat and hungry caterpillars.


We’re making way for the fall plantings – swiss chard, lettuce, kohlrabi, radishes, kale – that will be used to feed folks in our dining hall as well as the critters in our Nature Center. I’ve never planted fall crops before, we’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty jazzed about fall gardening – but not so excited to sit in the sun and put the seeds in the ground – whew! It’s worth the pay off in the end though, right?

At least I will have some company…

Praying Mantis - Who says gardening isn't a form of meditation & spirituality?


We might even let the chickens do their “thang” in the garden before planting the new stuff, but that requires vigilance, chicken tractors, maybe leashes… but it’s oh, so good for the dirt. Maybe –  if I am feeling particularly adventurous…


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