It’s a Sham!

Well, it used to be…

Pattern from Amanda Blake Soule in Handmade Home

And now it’s a dress (that needs to be ironed, but I just couldn’t help myself) – perfect for a toddling little lady!

I found this upcycled pillowcase at the thrift store for a buck – I know, cross-stitchers, embroiderers, and crocheters all over the world just had a little piece of their hearts break. I think I would have to be resuscitated if something handmade of mine ended up in the bargain bin – joyful that someone else was loving it for a low price, but let’s be serious.

Thanks to my good thrifting fortune, you can watch for this dress and lots of other great handmade items to be in a great raffle at Tiny Twist Creative, friend of Liz, where Erin and her family are raising money to bring home a sweet girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I will be working on a few other items as well – a felted mobile, something crocheted… Erin has some awesome shirts in her shop that she prints herself that are super cute – I have been perusing them for Noah’s birthday coming up…

She will be posting the baskets & selling tickets next month – stay tuned! – I will let ya’ll know when they are up for bid. You can score some sweet handmade goodness and help a family grow in love – even if you don’t buy a ticket, keep them in your prayers, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

If you are interested in donating your handmade items to the raffle, let me know – I can pass along the information to her.


5 responses

  1. Sometimes when I’m making a quilt I wonder where it will end up. Of course it would be nice if the recipient kept and loved it FOREVER, but obviously that’s probably not going to be the case. Who is going to pick up the fire quilt I just finished in 25 years in an antique shop in some town I’ve never even been in? What will they do with it? What will it become?

  2. Hopefully our worthy handmade items will be passed down. OR, someone like you rescues it from the thrift bin and gives it a new life to be passed on, and on, and on….
    That dress looks more like a top.

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