I love fall.

The crispness in the air, all things pumpkin, warm drinks, vibrant leaves, the smell of fires, and snuggling up cute little boys & adventuring out to fall festivities until our fingers feel like popsicles. So adventure we did to the annual “Spooktacular” in Kingston. We dressed as country folk/cowboys/farmers – I know, a real stretch around these parts.

“What a cute little cowgirl with those big blue eyes.”

“She’s so precious – look at her little cowgirl boots.”

We hear you loud and clear. Our little fella needs a haircut.

And apparently everyone has an opinion – even squirrels.

At least our booth won – finally. After we were robbed last year for not having a sign with our name on it (just ask, we’ll tell you who we are) and the year before we didn’t realize there was a competition, we will now house the trophy of best booth – just try and take it from us.


One response

  1. Sooooooo….. is there a trim in the near future? Love the coveralls!! Yall really had to think “outside the tent” for your booth theme!! Congrats!!!!

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