Sea to Shining Sea

While putting the final touches on our handmade/local Christmas gifts for the fam, Chris and I started talking geography. Specifically the states here in the US of A . Now, I am about as well-versed in geography as I am in history – which world war are we on? – so you can imagine the shock when I bet Chris that I couldn’t correctly label more than 75% of the states.

You could hear a little part of him die inside.

So we did what any red-blooded Americans would do – we had a competition to see how well each of us would do. If I did better than 75% there would be a prize, though it was tough to decide who would be the real winner of the prize if I was smarter than I thought I was? If I was dumber then I would win? (Wait, what?)

So we got a blank map…

…and we went to work.

A few things that transpired during our friendly game:

  • I sang the song I learned in 5th grade when I couldn’t think of one of those pesky midwest states (50 Nifty United States, oh I love my country the United States. There’s Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas…)
  • I referred to “the man on the map” to help jog my memory of where Iowa is found. (Start with Louisiana as the feet and go up…)
  • Only because we just traveled through Indiana & Ohio (for the first and hopefully last time) did I know where to find those.
  • I knew Michigan was two separate parts – thanks to our vacation- so I was able to to avoid having a state left over.

Chris finished a few minutes before me, of course, but I just took my time on New England. Those states are tricky. And small. I double-checked my answers, just like in Mrs. Thompson’s 5th grade class, and turned my paper in to be graded.

I’ve never been a good test taker – I was sweating bullets.

And the results… A-!

I only missed three! I mixed up Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – all of which I’ve never been to – and don’t you think they are kinda small?

I was impressed with myself – and I think by the rules, Chris won because I am smarter than I gave myself credit – which is winning enough for me.

You try it. No cheating. Can you get 100%?


6 responses

  1. Just for fun, I tried to name all 50 state capitals instead of the state names. I got 47. Missed Salem, Or; Hartford Conn. and Des Moines, Iowa.

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