Motley Crew

Wouldn’t it be great to keep your whimsical imagination that you had as a wee one  – who didn’t know any different than to dream to infinity and beyond and let Big Bird play with the Monsters, Inc. folks if your heart so desired? Who cares if Mrs. Potato Head is wearing Junior’s nose, at least she’s not wear Mr.’s feet for a hat this time…

Oh, fleeting moments of childhood – won’t you linger a little longer?

I was so tickled when I glanced at the passengers taking flight “up in da kyyy!” on Noah’s jet plane last night:

From L to R: Ice Cream Kid, Farmer Joe, Noah (or Baby Santa as he’s being called these days…), Barbara the Builder, and Hula Girl

Where else in the world would you find the five of these characters living in harmony on a four passenger flight? (Yes, four seats – one of them may or may not have been in the cargo hold.) Can you imagine the conversations they would have? Would they even talk to each other? How would societal expectations dictate their interactions? I mean, think about how different they are (I am aware they are plastic…just work with me here…) – language, socioeconomic status, race, religion, age, family, jobs, etc. Makes you wonder…


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