The Better Me

Here’s how lame I am…

Not only can I, for some lazy reason,  not start “resolutions” on the first, but I can’t even have a complete list by the first.

So if I never start them, I can never break them, right?

That’s doesn’t do much for my accountability, so…

For the next twelve days I will write, in detail, twelve goals for 2012 that I am making for myself.  Some will be able to be scratched off a list hopefully sooner than later, some will be longer projects – ongoing beyond 2012 even. That is if the Mayans didn’t have it right…

These are projects to work on me, to shape me into a better person. Or maybe not better… just more… me. Finding and uncovering the parts of me that are hiding or have yet to be discovered. So I guess to bring out the better me. You know, like that white eye shadow brought out your eyes in 1999…

So this first one, I actually did start on the first. And broke on Monday. But that’s just because I forgot that it was 2012… so it doesn’t really count.

Here goes:

No cokes Monday-Friday.

Here in the south that’s anything of the carbonated variety.

Saturday and Sunday are fair game and I can bloat myself to my little heart’s desire – and I’m sure I will.

The hope is that eventually, I will add (most) processed foods in general to this list of limited intake. It’s time to feel better, to take control, and treat my body right. My eating habits tend to be above average, especially when things are coming fresh out of the garden, but during the dreary months I tend to stray to the fried and greasy. Comfort foods.

So what better time to start trying to make my way towards cleaner free-flowing arteries than while it’s the most challenging?

(Not sure I thought the start of this one all the way through…)


4 responses

  1. We can start the garden early in March. Nothing’s better than fresh out of your own garden! Sorry, but there will be green beans. Maybe you can put those on your list of new things to try!! 🙂

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