The Better Me (pt. 2)

Let’s start with a survey:

Raise your hand if you’re joining me on giving up cokes during the work week?

Good luck and happy caffeine headaches… you’ll be in good company here.

Here we are at Day #2 of “12 for 12” and I am already hesitant to put this one out there, in case I don’t follow through. This one will take time… lots of time… and will be one in the “ongoing project” list.

By the end of 2012 I will have an up and running Etsy store, fully stocked with at least eight items at any time (unless they all are purchased and I must replenish), ready to take custom orders.

Here are a few things I am working on to move in that direction:

  • I’m reading this book that my always encouraging, yet practical husband gifted me for Christmas. Chapter one is great so far…and at the end I will be ready to turn my crafting hobby into a business! Let’s keep our fingers crossed:
  • I am fiddling around with various logos. Though crafty, I am not much of a drawing/computer designing gal, so this one might be tough. I don’t so much have the funds to hire someone to design a logo, but if anyone has a knack for doodling, I’m always game for some bartering…
  • I am creating new things (almost) every day. At this point I am always browsing websites and patterns for inspiration and direction – but I want to create, from my noggin, at least five new “designs” this year.

    Newborn Hat - mostly intended for photographer's use for portraits.

Beanie & Diaper Cover Set (intended for photography purposes)

Fire & Wine Scarflace (that's what you get when you mix a scarf and necklace)

"Sepia Tone Lovin'" Scarflace

  • One of my hopes is to move to fibers made in the USA – or made by a fair trade organization. I bounce back  and forth because it will raise the price of my items because the fibers cost more… and I already have a hard enough time pricing my items anyway. (I usually just end up giving things away or selling them at cost…) At the same time, I won’t over-indulge in fibers and fabrics and end up having way too much stuff that I don’t know what to do with. Conundrum.
  • Mainstreaming my items is a big first step… making several of a few items. And YOU can help by telling me what you think would do well in my shop of what I’ve shown you over the past couple of years.
  • Sell items in at least one local venue, wherever we may be calling home at the end of 2012. This could be a farmers’ market, a craft shop, a festival, a boutique… put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

So this is a big one. A challenging one. A humbling one.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Wish me luck.

(Mary…the baby items are headed YOUR way first thing tomorrow!)

8 responses

  1. i know you can. your creations are wonderful and i really enjoy my scarf and the Christmas gifts i asked you to create were a hit!

    grammy nan

  2. I cannot wait for the Etsy! Everything you make is beautiful…I wear my hat so much my mom keeps asking if I’ll ever take it off!

    • Thank you… I’d be happy to make one for you or your wife. My mama tells me that you crochet… That’s so awesome! I’m thinking of starting a sit and stitch group in Pensacola… Would you be interested?

    • Manda… Thank you, love! Are you putting wool on him or do you prefer synthetic? I will send a couple your way… Snuggle your little buggle for me. And let me know when you’re home again, we are living in Pensacola at the moment. Love you! Stay warm…

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