The Better Me (pt. 3)

This is my first post from my new-to-me iPhone (thanks Krystal!)…and I don’t hate that I’m laying in my bed with John Mayer as close to next to me as he’ll ever be while typing out goal número tres for 2012:

Join local co-op – wherever “local” may be.
And I am giddy to announce that the Ford Family household is a proud member of the natural food market of Pensacola – Ever’mans.

I love the smell of fresh bread, juicy produce, herbal supplements, hippie scented hygiene products… ahhh.

Milk in glass bottles from within 100 miles – yes, please.

Books on how to restore our bodies and the earth – don’t mind if I do.

What’s that? Free (to members, and $2 for the community) yoga on Tuesday evenings – well now you’re just spoiling me.

I encourage y’all to explore the options in your community, even if you don’t have a year round co-op, the CSA season is gearing up here soon and you’ll be able to put your name to a farm share for the 2012 harvest. Support your local small farmers… that’s all there is to that.

On a sidenote: Remember when I mentioned my practical husband in yesterday’s post? Well, his voice of reason is echoing in my head that my crafting goals may be a tinge lofty – as in it really may be like 7 goals in one. And even less than I like to admit he may be right, I may just have to admit I may have been slightly over zealous. But look, I’m off to a good start on a couple of them and it’s only the 5th:


I can’t reveal the top secret project yet but I will post the finished product in a couple of days. I will say that this product will be available for custom order by the end of the week on Etsy.

But for now there’s a lot of this happening in my days:


…and this mama does not hate it.


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