The Better Me (pt. 4)

As I’ve written before our family is a big proponent for shopping locally and supporting local business – which Pensacola is booming with these days – and this year I am amping up my commitment.

Starting on the 1st,

I pledge to refrain from purchasing any items for my personal consumption that are made in mass production in China.

There are a few specifics for this one:
• This only applies to items that I, and only I, will personally use. Though we will always choose the other option if there is one, I can’t speak for EVERY item our family uses.
• Not all things “made in China” are created equal. There are great brands, like Patagonia, who outsource their manufacturing for fair wages and safe working conditions. If there is an item up for debate, I will do my research first.
• This does not include already consumed items or items that become necessary for the function of daily life – i.e. should we have to purchase a second vehicle for work purposes… which we hope to be able to bike commute anyway.

Like I’ve said before we have had convictions for a while over where we spend and invest our precious funds, however, I had a drive-back-to-the-store-and-buy-the-first-skirt-not-made-in-China-after-guilt-tripping-self-out-of-even-going-and-browsing-for-better-option-at-the-mall moment. I could not bring myself to choose the cheaper option knowing that the first skirt was made in California and likely the reason it cost more is because someone was fairly rewarded for their hard work. Being a stay-at-homesteader changes you…

Find out how you can join me at here or for fibers, foods, etc. check Local Harvest.



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