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Though the photo below doesn’t necessarily strike a chord with our family personally, I find the message is a bit abrupt, horrifying, insensitive, and leaves no open door for questions or discussion:


"NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR BABY. Don't let me be the last doctor to see your baby. I do autopsies."

I know plenty of families who co-sleep, have done it with multiple children, and firmly believe that this choice is best for parents and baby. There’s a sense of bonding, an uncomplicated response to a nursing or hungry babe in the sleeping hours, an intimate togetherness that leads a family to choose co-sleeping. Again, we have not chosen to co-sleep, so I’m not attached to the concept, however I have grown to respect families that do. It works for them and their babies and just like any choice you make as a parent it should be for the best interest of your children first, parents second. You surely have to consider the risks and benefits when making these decisions.

There are many choices in life and I do believe that adequate information should be available for choices such as these. I’m just not convinced this is the best or most effective or heck, the most caring way to provide this information. Raising babes is risky – from putting them into the car, to signing them up for gymnastics, to taking them to the beach/pool for the first time, to the very foods they eat.

Yes, sometimes it would be nice to be safely nestled in a bubble, but that’s not practical or even possible. We can’t live in fear to the point where it debilitates us and eventually our kids – life will leave us feeling empty and incomplete, wishing we could do it over again.

Whatever side of the bed you get up from with this issue is up to you and yours.

Make good choices. Love your babies. And for Pete’s sake, just keep your eyes on the road. The billboards will do nothing for you, it seems…


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