Better Me (pt. 7)

I apologize for the break in the “Better Me” series, I was in kindergarten all last week.

Everything those kids need to know in life was not learned last week – bless my heart. After the first day I concluded that herding chickens is easier than teaching five year olds, and these five year olds in particular. I tied 943 shoes, blew 157 noses, unlocked 48 bathrooms with a tongue depressor (intentionally locked), said “Sit your bottom in that chair and raise your hand” 2,365 times, counted to ten “or I was calling the principal” four times a day, sent at least 10 children to various places for misbehaving… among other exciting happenings.

Whew. I’m worn out just typing that out…

So now that I can make full sentences, I’ll get back to the point.

Since moving back to civilization we frequent eateries much more often than we used to. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I started taking my own take-out containers, much to Chris’ chagrin, when we would have food to bring home. I was tired of all the styrofoam and ridiculous amount of space that was wasted in the refrigerator to bring home a slice of pizza in a box as big as your head. I would take them 50% of the time and then in the craziness of life the practice sort of went out the window… so we’re bringing it back for 2012:

When eating out, I will provide my own personal reusable containers for doggie bags.

Preserve - One of my most favorite companies. You can read more about them and why I love them here.

Give it a swirl – you’ll feel good about yourself and the folks you are dining with will turn a funny shade of red and want to crawl under the table. (I’m not sure which is more rewarding…)

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