Sticks and Stones

This may very well be the expression on your face when you get done reading this post:


Don’t judge me… I’ve fought writing about this for weeks, but I just can’t handle it any longer. It’s just too good. Too side-splitting hysterical. Too two-year old little boy raucous raising.

And this must be documented.

That being said, I will give the disclaimer that if you are under the age of 18, please ask for your parental’s permission before continuing. If you are over 18 and have medical conditions in which you are to avoid a change in blood pressure or where tears run down your legs if you laugh too much, proceed with caution.

You’ve been warned.

So little boys like to play with all things that can be swords, bats, things to ride on or make motor noises, magic wands, etc.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Lately Noah has taken a particular interest in a basket of sticks that my dad cut for my mom to use in her classroom when she was still teaching. Not that it makes a huge difference in the following information, but they are about 18 inches long and 3/4 inch thick – there’s your visual.


Said by a two year old sometimes isn’t phonetically correct.


Replace the st- sound with a d- sound.


And then think about these words, spoken by my precious two your old with all of the excitement his little self can muster… (last warning!):

“Mama, I have TWO sticks!”

“That’s Yoah’s BIG stick!”

“Papa, you wanna play wif duh sticks?”

“Don’t break duh stick.”

“Don’t play wif duh sticks (wagging his finger and shaking his head as he proclaims this one).”

“Play wif duh sticks outside?”

Oh boy.


I couldn’t not put it writing. I just couldn’t.

Are you making this face yet?

Don’t tell my mom.

3 responses

  1. What’s really funny is watching you, BETH, crack up every time Noah starts playing with his sticks and talking about his sticks! He’s so clueless in his youthful innocence and always looks so bewildered when he sees you dying of silent laughter. I will say, those “free sticks” have provided him with countless hours of fun with his imagination.

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