Hands down, Noah’s new favorite place to be is in the kitchen. He’s like his daddy that way.

If the fridge is open, he’s there. If the sink is turned on, he comes running. The clank of putting dishes away is music to his ears. He even puts his apron on himself & tries to muscle his helping stool into position.

Not the most efficient way to get supper fixed or clean the kitchen, but it really doesn’t get much sweeter than this:

“Yo-yah cookin’…”

Take note toddler ladies – we are learning him up early. And believe me, you want a man who knows his way around a kitchen. Let’s just hope his Bowen genes will pull through and he won’t need a stool at that point.



Thanks to a visit from the handyman (and his – ahem – assistant),

the Ford Casa has officially cruised into 1972.

Yes, that’s right – we are rocking a ginormous antenna. Because that’s what you do when you live in the woods – where even satellite dishes don’t get the job done – and are genuinely to your wits end with the CW & PBS just puttered out on you much to your toddlers disapproval.  Yes, we are the proud new watchers, blip-free I might add, of ABC, CBS, & NBC.

Praise be.

No worries – we still get all the vampires, 90210, and Tyra Banks anyone could ever possibly wish for. Whoopee…

And in celebration of our new technology, Noah and I watched Saturday morning cartoons – sort of. The news shows were still on the main channels when we started so we had to watch 6.2 – usually the country music station – where we found Gina D’s Kid Club. If you haven’t seen it, it’s… interesting. Let’s just sum it up by saying there is a man, dressed as an old lady, and her name is Momma.


There was a segment about smiling – I think the parent channel is big on smiling, go figure – and there was a cartoon character a little on the heavy side and not the most attractive girl, intentional of course. The point was for the “cool kid” to smile at her to make her more attractive – because if she smiles she’s pretty inside and out. Blah, blah, blah…

So what does Noah say when the little girl was on the screen?


Oh dear…he’s cute enough to just let that one go, right?

To his defense, we’ve watched a lot of Madagascar lately…

Simply Life – Day 35

Remember way back when Noah was still a baby and I posted monthly lists about his new and adorable traits that would make my heart flutter with joy? Yes? Well, let’s revisit that for a moment – do you see that little tongue sticking out of his mouth? This is his go-to concentrating face and it cracks me up…

In other news, his mullet is now fully visible from a frontal view…

Rocky Top, you’ll always be home, sweet home to meeeeeeee…

Green Clean Inspiration

You don’t need much more than the following video to a) clean your floors and b) clean your floors with earth and baby-friendly products. Recipe to follow the a-muse-ing video:

(I do not currently possess the brain power or time to figure out how to get the video to show up here, so you will have to click the link below.)

I consulted my handy Make Your Place (affordable, sustainable, nesting skills) and got to work concocting this:

Lemon Floor Cleaner

1 cup liquid castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s)

1/4 cup lemon juice

1o drops tea tree essential oil

6 cups warm water

* Mix it all up and store in a plastic jug. To use, pour enough soap to cover the bottom of your mop bucket, add hot water, and get to scrubbin’.

Your home will smell delicious in no time.

And you could even eat off your floor when you’re done.

Get Yer’ Waders On

…cause it’s about to get deep in here.

I wish normal folks could automatically make the connection between that and what I am about to indulge in, but I think I have permanently stepped so far outside of the box that to try and keep up with my thought patterns would take some serious dedication.

I digress.

Potty training – or house breaking, however you want to slice it. We aren’t necessarily starting the “training” now, after all Noah is only fifteen months old, but I guess you could say we are priming the pump.

Okay, that’s a weird analogy when talking about personal plumbing.

Maybe I should start this post over. Shoot.

Please enjoy this photo while I get my head together:

No relevance to the post, he's just cute. And loves his Bo's.

Let’s try this again… we are starting to teach Noah about his diaper and what all that entails – when it’s dirty, if he needs a clean one, showing him where we put them to be washed, where we have the clean ones, how to “tell” us if he’s pottied in his diaper, etc. This basically looks like when he’s got that look going on – left eye squinting, beet red, vein popping on forehead, eyes watering, quiet grunting – we will ask him if he’s going poo-poo in his diaper. And he will usually respond in one of two ways – keep pooping or say “poo poo purr” and point to his pants. We ask if he wants a clean one and then either carry him or let him walk us to his room for a change. Self-awareness is the first step.

So tonight as we were reading books before bed (sidenote: reading books isn’t always a quiet activity, it can be quite active in our house – this was one of the active times…), I see the face and proceed through our little dialogue. He confirms that he is doing his business and I ask him if he wants to go on the potty, you know to introduce the next step in the process.

He promptly takes a break from his “duty”, stands up straight, gets a huge “aha!” smile on his face, points at Grits, and runs to the front door wanting to go outside.

“Potty”. He wanted to go to the potty. The only “potty” he knows.


Be glad I picked this one - not the "action" shot.

We’ve got a lot of work to do…