Simply Me.

These days I find myself with new & adventurous roles:

I am the mama of a rambunctious little guy who keeps my heart full, my sides in stitches, & my feet moving – The wife of an amazing man & daddy-o who encourages me to pursue my passions – The dreamer of a life full of local & handmade goodness – A hippie-at-heart for a sustainably off-grid hearth & home – A slightly ADD with a splash of OCD artist trying my best to do my best at a little bit of everything – A free spirit, changing lives one relationship at a time – A lover of all things natural & simple & green (the color).

The men in my life...

He is my sunshine, my only sunshine...


One response

  1. I have 3 Word Press Accounts. I just created them. Check out these three links: 1), 2), 3) It is me, Heidi. kiaraisabellamorgan is my pen name. I am following your blog now.

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